ANNA-MARLENE // „TAGTRAUM“ // Release: 20. Januar 2017

The crossover pop album “Tagtraum“ (German for “Daydream“) is the result of singer-songwriter Anna-Marlene Bicking’s dreamily imaginative musical project „Kunst-Pop 2016“ („Art Pop 2016“). In “Tagtraum“, singer-songwriter Anna-Marlene draws inspiration from an assortment of different styles, ranging from orchestral and classical music, and jazz to German language pop, shifting the coordinates of Germany’s artistic landscape. The record’s production was propelled forward by the immense success of an associated crowdfunding campaign – - and the support provided by Initiative Musik. This financial backing was crucial in making the involvement of the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg, Anna-Marlene’s band and a host of guest musicians reality.
More space, more freedom to let unfamiliar mental images form and surface, building up to a sense of profound immersion in the listening experience. An unheard-of combination of sounds and German lyrics, tearing down established categories and opening doors to new musical universes. An orchestra, a string quartet, a band, electronic elements and a diverse set of guest musicians are what makes the songs on “Tagtraum“ so exceptional. „I wanted to make an album that forces us to leave behind old habits when listening to music. An album that invites you to reflect on your own life, that releases thoughts long buried, just like in a daydream.“ – Anne-Marlene
Extraordinary songs and instrumental pieces take turns on this record, mimicking a colourful dream. The confident contours of a homemade band sound, pulsating electronic hues, paired with orchestral appearances – this is what breathes life into the musical concept of “Art Pop“.
„My music is intended for conscious listening and daydreaming. Neither tuning in casually nor the fleeting impressions you get through cursory consumption will do it any justice.“ – Anna-Marlene
The crossover album “Tagtraum“ will be released in shops across Germany in January 2017, in collaboration with Anna-Marlene’s label „A&O Records“ and EDEL: Kultur. Anna-Marlene & SYMPHONY (an extended version of her band) are already planning a record release tour.